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What is the lacrosse season?

Pre Season - January to Mid March

Official Season- Mid March to Mid June  (No Games Mother’s Day and Memorial Day Weekend)

When are practices?

Indoor practices are held 1x per week per team starting in January, these are pre-season practices and are not mandatory.  

In season, mandatory outdoor practices usually start in the beginning of March for High School Players every day afterschool or in the evening.  Youth players will generally practice 2x's per week, usually towards the middle of March. 

When are Games?

Most High School Games happen during the week, with one or two on a Saturday. Players will take a bus with their team to most away games.  Youth games are held on the weekends. Parents are responsible for tranportation to youth games. 

Where are Game Locations? Who do we play?

Home games for youth and High School will be played on the Gilmore School Field.

All away games are generally within the Milwaukee suburban area. Youth play member teams from MAYLA (Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association) and High School plays teams in the Classic 8 for conference games, and other surrounding teams for non-conference games.

What is the Cost?

Our High School Program current cost is $750 per player.  You must purchase a uniform separately from us that may be used over multiple years, and you must rent or purchase the appropriate equipment. 

The Youth Program current cost varies by grade for both the girls and boys program.  You must purchase a uniform separately from us that may be used over multiple years and you must rent or purchase the appropriate equipment. 

What Equipment do we need?

Boys and girls must have the proper equipment as stated by US Lacrosse. Boys includes a helmet (white for HS), mouth guard, pads (chest, arm and elbow), gloves, complete stick and cleats. Girls includes goggles, mouth guard, a complete stick and cleats. A link to the US Lacrosse guide is here:

Both boys and girls equipment may be purchased at most local sporting goods stores such as Hot 4 Lax, Burghardt's and Dicks. There are also many online retailers that sell equipment.  In addition, Hot 4 Lax rents boys equipment by the season.

What if I can not afford it?

We allow all families to pay for their memberships in 2 payments, the first being your initial deposit/payment of half, with the remaining payment due by 3/15.  If you need additional time or terms please contact our Treasurer.  

Playing Multiple Sports? 

We encourage kids to play other sports to become well-rounded athletes.  At the youth level please make arrangements with your coach if you have other sports to play as a courtesy.  The High School level requires a commitment from the player to be at practices and games during the official season, please speak with your coach if you are participating in other sports/activities during Pre-Season.

Is Lacrosse a RUSD sponsored School Sport?

Not at this time.  Racine Forge will follow the RUSD eligibility rules and Code of Conduct.  Lacrosse is an official school sport in some of our surrounding school districts and it is a Classic 8 sport, and it has been made an official sport by WIAA.  

I live out of the school district, can my child play?

In most cases the answer is YES!  If there is no lacrosse club in your area, you may co-op with another areas team, at the Youth Level only. The boundary rules are very strict and vary between High School programs.  Please contact the Director of the program you are intrested in and they will be able to tell you if we co-op with your area.

Are Coaches Trained?

Yes!  All of our coaches are at a minimum, Level I certified through US Lacrosse Training Programs. 

Can I be a Coach?

Please contact the club directly for more information.  

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Racine Forge Lacrosse has the goal of growing boys and girls youth lacrosse within Racine County, Wisconsin.  We are a non-profit and welcome players from 1st through 12th grade.